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The latest news!

1) Just in - now available is our USB interface for Mach3. Add this option for only an
additional $75. This makes the parallel port for control obsolete.
2) Now offering Servo Stepper Motors and drivers. Add this option for $700 more on any
machine. This is a closed loop system for more torque, more speed, and cooler and
quieter operation. Unlike a DC servo no tuning is required.

3) New Z axis design uses rails just like the X and Y. The new Z with rails is now standard
on all orders. We are now shipping the Z axis fully assembled with DIY kits.

4) This month we are giving away TurboCAD Pro Version 20 (a $1495.00 value) with the
purchase of any machine. offer good till the end of the month. Not everyone needs this
so ask to have this added to your invoice.

5) We now have a small size Pilot Pro CNC machine 1220. Looks just like the larger CNC
router. This will fit nicely on any workbench.

6) We now have 8020 machine stands for the Pilot Pro CNC.
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Greg made this beautiful 2.5D sign for the shop on his Pilot Pro CNC router!