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"If we could build the same quality machine with cheap components and
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This is why we only use the best components to build your machine, no short
cuts, no cut corners, only the best is good enough for you!

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This CNC Router out performs others costing more than $13,000.00!
To learn why other designs are inferior be sure to read the
comparison chart!
Why buy the Pilot Pro CNC Router?
  *Customer satisfaction is our highest priority
  *The most advanced design available
  *The most information offered anywhere
  *Opportunity to speak to a designer or operator
  *We have over 20 years of design experience
  *Manufactured in the USA
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  *Unlimited email
  *Unlimited phone
  *CAD support
  *CAM support
  *Assembly and operation support
  *12 months on parts that fail under proper use
  *15 days return if in new working condition,
less shipping and handling. Ask for an RMA number before returning.

The Pilot Pro CNC - The only multifunctional CNC

CNCs are our passion; your success is our goal. Tell us where you want to go!

CNC Kit assembled in 6 hours! See the current record holder here!

The latest news!

-> The Pilot Pro CNC router version 3 is now shipping! NEW - Rigid Z axis, Massive
Flange bearings, Thicker plates, Bigger footprint, and so much more. Currently the
DVD plans only covers up to V2.

-> BlowOut Bundle - Pilot Pro V3 Turnkey setup, any size Pilot Pro PLUS deluxe control
box. This is for a complete system, pc not included - $250 off the total! For a limited
time, starts - 04/25/16

-> Our Z axis now has a 12 inch travel option $400 with new orders -  With longer gantry
plates for more clearance. The default Z axis travel is 5.5 inches. Here is a picture. For
retro Z conversion please email.

-> NEW LOW SPEED 3hp spindles! 1500 to 12000 rpm. This option includes the
spindle with ER20 collet, VFD power supply, and 80mm mount. Requires 220Vac.
Water cooled, w/pump - $650 with the purchase of a CNC. These are so nice for
nonferrous metals and plastics. Click here. Mach3 can control the spindle speed and

-> VERY HOT! 40 Watt CO2 Laser for the Pilot Pro CNC. We did a few quick demos
of the laser burning and engraving. Here is the video posted on youtube. This video
shows the CNC router burning a nice 2" square logo. Here is the system picture. The
lasers are pre-assembled and tested and have a 15 day warranty.

-> Mark Shows his Pilot Pro CNC router with the plastic 3D extruder attached. Please
see this Youtube video.

-> Dawn wants to increase production with her hand craving business. Here is a video
that shows the process from going from an image to production with the Pilot Pro CNC
router. Click here.

-> The 7310 router from Porter Cable is no longer available and is being replaced with
a Bosch Colt trim router. Let us know if you need a larger router mount or spindle.

-> Our Home and Limit switches are now remote sensors. The new switches are
proximity sensors and are more reliable than mechanical switches. Take a look, Click
here. Here is a video of the new sensors on youtube.

-> We now have custom T-Shirts! Check em out!

-> 3D printer option kit turns the Pilot Pro CNC router and other routers into a plastic
extruding machine for additive manufacturing. Click here

-> Our CNC dust boots have a new look! We have added a mini skirt for carving bits to
the mix. Our skirts are made from clear PVC with 1/4" slits for maximum flexibility and
visibility. Click here

-> We have 3hp spindles! This option includes the spindle with ER20 collet, driver, and
mount. Requires 220Vac. Air cooled - $350, Water cooled, w/pump - $450 with the
purchase of a CNC. These are so nice! Click here. For programing information Click
here. The VFDs MUST be programed before use. Mach3 can control the spindle
speed and power.

-> New Manual remote to run your Pilot Pro CNC Router. Plugs into a USB port to
control the CNC machine movement. Have a look at our CNC parts page.

-> Bill demonstrates his 5th axis option in operation rotating the router for angle cuts.
See the YouTube Vid

-> David shows you step by step how to use the Pilot Pro CNC to cut foam with a hot
wire. See the YouTube Vid

-> Now get up to 500 ipm rapid travel with NEMA34 motors. Must have a USB interface
(optional) for top speed. We can exchange the NEMA24s for NEMA34s for only $450.
See the YouTube Vid

-> USB interface is available for Mach3. Add this option for only an additional $119 for
USB interface. This makes the parallel port for control obsolete.

-> Now offering Servo Stepper Motors and drivers. Add this option for $800 more on
any machine. This is a closed loop system for cooler and quieter operation. 4 closed
loop motors, encoders, and drivers - Click here
-Max milling area (W x L x H):
   Pilot Pro 2626 CNC- The model number is the travel ~ X = 26" Y = 26" Z = 5-
-Machine footprint (W x L x H) - ~ add 13.25" to X travel, add 17" to Y travel, Z =
-Surface face-milled stock and CNC cut for precise assembly.
-Gantry clearance - ~7" but is completly adjustable.
-Working area is unlimited In the length with indexing or tiling.
-Rigid extruded frame with massive gantry.
-Precision ground rails on all axes.
-12 precision linear recirculating ball bearing blocks.
-16m (~5/8") diameter precision lead screws, 5.08 TPI with anti-backlash nuts.
-X/Y/Z accuracy / resolution - Precision rolled, class 5 accuracy, Better than JIS
(<+-50 µm / 300 mm).
-Ball nuts are pre-loaded for no backlash.
-All lead screws are mounted at both ends with a pre-loaded radial ball bearing
-Spindle mount -  Bosch colt or Dewalt 611, or 3.5" body and spindle options.
-4 Stepper drivers rated at 1.3 to 4.2 Amps each
-4 NEMA 23 Stepper motors rated at 623 oz-in bipolar.
-DVD with CAD / CAM programs and setup information for operating the Pilot
Pro CNC (The Pilot Pro CNC and Projects DVD).
-Operations - Mill, Drill, carve, 3D Route, engraving, Options: plasma, additive
rapid 3D prototyping, laser, dispenser, test probes, camera, etc.
-Computer requirements - any PC running Windows.
-Power requirements - 115Vac at ~15 amps (standard outlet) or 230Vac /
Spindles are rated for 220Vac at 2.2kW, 110V to 220V converters work great.
-Control Software - Most programs will work. Lite versions of Mach3, Kcam,
and DeskCNC included.
-PCB Layout - Eagle Light (free for non-commercial use)
-Shipped - Some assembly required, waste board tabletop not included