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-Your New "Robo-Shop"-

We Pioneered Multi-Purpose CNCs Back in 1998 -
And still going STRONG!

Multi-Axis Router Milling Laser Extruder Plasma Hot-Wire Knife Camera ETC!
Pilot Pro CNC WITH 12 inch Z travel
5 Prime CNC WITH 20 OR 36 inch Z travel
$$$More Success Stories$$$
I can't tell you where this piece of furniture is, or who it's for, but you can make an educated guess based off the logo engraved in the front panel using your machine. We're doing a bunch of these. The panels are removable and interchangeable so many companies (and now government offices) are purchasing them. Thanks again!
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HUMMING BIRD - by Garald
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New V3 5 Prime CNC Router
Assembly Review - US vs Them
ebay feedback - OVER 2000
MORE than 2000 machines sold around the World!
Industrial CNC Models-
Z travel is the main         difference

1226-12 3 axis In Stock
1220-12 3 axis In Stock
The Ferrari of CNC - High Performance machines
*Local delivery and install* of a NEW Pilot Pro V4 CNC for manufacturing.
Fully Enclosed CNC Perfect for Engineering, Labs, and Schools
Remember The CNC Night Rider! Catching a ride on this BAD BOY!
Italian Made CNCs
USA Sales and Support
Made In Oregon Since 1998
What sets US apart is our Solid Designs and Commitment to our customers.
Here are some really AMAZING references-

Here are 2 Top CNC Performers and their WEB Sites. Check out their work - It's Incredible!!!  -5 GOLD STARS -
Tom Watson - Pilot Pro 5050-12 - 2010 - 13 Years

Doug Wisdom -
Pilot Pro 2650-5 CNC - 2013 10 Years

List of owners also includes other business- *Corporate Owners -
Global Link, lockheed, Adidas, Control Tech, Plus Many More! *Government Owners and *Public Schools Owners
*Customer Quotes*
"All my Airplane parts stack up perfectly!"
"You guys are always there to keep me going!"
"When I call I get results"
Local Delivery and install