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-Information packed DVD-
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"Just a note to let you know how delighted I am with the content of your DVD.  One file I was particularly delighted to receive as a bonus was the servo motor adaptation diagram.  This will certainly be a win as in my line of work (film effects), we have to often solve control issues using radio control.  Now I'll be able to drive high-torque cordless drill motors using your design!


There's still a long road ahead before I can command the router to execute a task, however for a comprehensive, informative and intuitive entry into CNC machining (for what turns out to be a paltry thirty-something bucks), I'd highly recommend that interested persons look no further. 


Thanks and congratulations."



The Pilot Pro CNC and Projects DVD

The Pilot Pro CNC Router Plans PLUS the ArachnoBot CAD files

An information packed DVD with plans (DXF and TCW) and instructions for building 9 different Pilot CNC machines, also the ArachnoBot CAD / CAM project files and other projects are included. Learn about jigs, fixtures, templates, and tooling. You can apply these techniques to all your projects.

The videos will take you through the system basics, CAD basics, CAM basics, CNC basics, and them apply advanced techniques. These videos will get you up to speed and productive fast!

Save over a $1000 by building the Pilot CNC router yourself. You will receive detailed assembly documentation packed with photographs, including the parts lists, costs, and suppliers.

The Pilot Pro CNC and projects DVD contains: All the different Pilot CNC designs and CNC controller box including spindle on/off, ArachnoBot CAD / CAM Projects (quad and hex versions), Surface Grinder project, A axis Project, Rack and Pinion Project, Drill motor to RC Servo motor control circuit, LED signs, Labels for project boxes, CNC stands, and much more!

Engineer, design, and build most anything using the Pilot CNC router. From the plans and instructions on the Pilot Pro CNC and projects DVD you can build a Pilot CNC and more.

The machine travel is 26"X26"X4.7", however information on building different sizes is included. The cost to build depends on the design and options and ranges from about $1500 and up, this buys you a professionally designed industrial CNC router that will last for years.

Free CAD and other viewers are included on the DVD as well other lite versions of software.
-Now includes 80/20 heavy extruded aluminum designs-


This is a MUST HAVE DVD for getting started.
Order now and start building your future using robotics manufacturing today!

- Only $36.00 Free S/H in the USA
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