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CNCzone is for Advertisers and Trolls
CNCzone posts get removed or edited
CNCzone is for Trolls-
I have come across 2 posts that are extreme - so extreme it would seem the posters are paid!

You can be as negative as you like without restriction - However you cannot defend without moderation
(unless you pay)! - Our posts were EDITED! We have the originals posts on file and would like to share them.

We do not advertise on CNCzone-
This has made it hard to correct any misleading posts there. Other manufacturers do pay and this gets them special treatment.
Companies do pay for online feedback to gain market share. Our designs are copied by other companies and our DVD has been pirated!

All Our Customers Are GREAT!
We hear good things from our customers all the time. People that are productive and cool do not take time to TROLL!
And positive posts are seen as advertisement and removed.

That is the difference - That needs to be considered when reviewing rants that do not pan out.

It is unfortunate that positive posts are not allowed unless you pay.

We will not pay to advertise on TROLL sites. We have more than 2000 POSITIVE CNC sales, over 1000 POSITIVE feedbacks on EBAY and we got them because we care!

We also offer unlimited support email or phone

email phone
Here are very suspicious links-

This 1 is a multi-page manifesto - we did not hear directly to help with any issues, but instead he took the effort to post on a troll site. This is very unfortunate, and I ask all of you to ask for support BEFORE you post! Your feedback helps us to improve your order and the next.
We not longer send kits because we cannot control the quality of the assembly.

********Why would cnczone remove this paragraph and Others?**********
One more thing if I may-

The machine you got is not the machine we are shipping. There are many references to the new version on our site - these videos show all the switches, e-stop, tool setter, lap top tray, construction, etc. - the list of changes is very long. The new design is bolt through and completely different from version 2 shown in the video I posted above.

I really appreciate being allowed to clear this up.

********Version2 shown here

NOTE: the same guy in both these posts reads like he is a paid poster!  Note the company that sponsors him is also a paid advertiser on cnczone.
cnczone business model is profit on advertising and attract the curious viewer with trolls!
"Advertisers get full editorial support - Moderator"
The more a company pays the more they get seen. Then pass the cost of marketing off to the consumer - We do not play this game - Our customers go to the effort to shop around, study the market then buy from us.
We Do Not Advertise!
Our overhead is so low we nearly qualify as non-profit because we want everyone to have a CNC router.
We Do Demos and send you the results! This way you can see for yourself the capabilities of our machines
A few have asked what is the differance between your machine and others on cnczone - so we posted this -
"You can see the difference AND now what you could not see is shown here with this new assembly review.

Please lets us know if you have any questions"
This post was removed by the moderator without explanation