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We Pioneered Multi-Purpose CNCs Back in 1998 -
And still going STRONG!

Multi-Axis Router Milling Laser Extruder Plasma Hot-Wire Knife Camera ETC!
The basics of CNCs
PIlot Pro V4
CNC - Computerized numerical control
A printer with a cutter. Easy 3 step process, 1- computer aided drawing (CAD file), make your own or download files from the net. 2- computer aided machining (CAM), assign tool bits to cut paths on the drawing. 3- Control software (Mach3 or 4 or UCcnc), This is the software that lets you control the machine and run your files.
It only takes 1 or 2 projects to get the hang of this. We have provided your 1st 3 axis project in the tips section as well as a link to online video tutorials.

We also offer unlimited support email or phone
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