Hi Phil,

Attached are parts to the Lazair ultralight airplane. The accuracy of the router is proven
by the fact that when the eight ribs are stacked as shown in two of the pictures, they all
match perfectly, even though they were cut in three different operations —drill holes,
cut centers, cut outside.
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Tom's "Signs In Wood.com"

Here is a double sided sign I am working on. It is carved in 2" mahogany and measures
18" X 27". Tomorrow the Pepper tree and and words get painted. The tree trunk will be
a beautiful gold. This was designed by my friend Greg Gurden. It was carved on my
awesome Cnc Router Pilot Pro.

Chassis cutout looking pretty good. 6061-0.063” Aluminum.

First project - Making G's for a college party
Hi Phil,
These grooves are all of uniform depth. I have cut forms with tapered
grooves on practice stock and I am achieving accuracy of .001 +- .002. Awesome!
One neat thing I learned about Mach 3, which I’m sure you knew, is that it interpolates
for me. That makes producing my tapers very easy!

I’m having a ball with your machine. I will send more pictures when I actually have a
finished product!
Great looking anodized system!-
Stay tuned,
Ben – Carrollton, Texas - Great system, looking forward to many projects!
Sorry l did not get back sooner. I have been in Wyoming hunting. Here are some photos.
Let me know what u think. Slowly learning bobcad. Hope to make a pilot pro sign on
front of cabinet. Phil
Hi Phil,
Dad and i did a test the other night using Vetric Software which interfaces quite nice
with your system. We milled the Open sign in Styrofoam and it turned out real nice. It is
great to see your machine you sold us does this kind of work for thousands less than
what other advertised CNC machines would cost. We are learning more and more each
day. Thanks for getting us started.
Attached are pictures of our completed waterjet machine.  I covered the ball screws
and slides with polycarbonate to keep the water spray away from them.  We do not use
an abrasive.  The machine is mainly  set up for cutting foam rubber and soft plastics.
Wes A.
Machine is up and moving. I have a few small things left but that's it. Opened the boxes
and it put itself together. I have attached a  pic. I will send some better ones when I
finish it.
Mike W.
Have  been using the machine and love it. I have yet to set up the digital probe or a axis
but that will be soon. In the meantime here is some of the stuff I have done so far.
Mike W.
Just for you here is some pictures of some of the work i have done with my CNC
machine. These first three are very simple boxes i made to display and carry polished
stones or rocks. one of my other hobbies. More pictures in my next email to follow right
Greg G.
From a hand drawn drawing to a work of art, young master Brian completed his high
school wood shop project the Viking Box. After approximately 2 hours of drawing, 6
hours of digital conversion and design of each individual piece (36 pieces in all).
Hi Phil,
I have been having a great time with the machine. Lots of learning to get things right
but that is the fun part. I appreciate the help you gave me on the phone getting some of
the little things sorted out, we were actually able to complete a project, front and rear
panels for controller equipment that we build and was costing us too much to send out
to a local shop, now we can make them here.

Thanks again for the great machine, very pleased.
I am delighted with the machine, and I am very excited anytime I do anything at all on
it. So far I have worked on a small workbench that appeared in a recent issue of one of
the Woodworking magazines (American Woodworker, perhaps? but I am not certain -- if
you want to know I can tell you once I verify it at home). I used the CNC machine to cut
the parts out and to drill the dog holes. The parts are all cut and drilled, and they fit
quite well, but I still have some assembly work to finish it. So far I have only used
CamBam to enter the designs and create the Gcode since the designs were quite simple
and easily within the capabilities of CamBam. I also did a small surfacing part of this
project directly in Gcode, just to verify that I was gaining some knowledge of Gcode.
Thank you very much, and you can certainly count me as one of your satisfied

Doug S
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