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These BOTs are the FUTURE!

Give up the limited walking gaits offered from the others and start using adaptive gaits for walking and climbing using the ArachnoBot and closed loop feedback!

ArachnoBot is able to climb obstacles and carry payloads! Fully articulated 12 total degrees-of-freedom (or 18 DOF on the hex) - that's 3 degrees of freedom per leg for realistic walking! 4 integrated toe-touch sensors work together to scan the environment and send feedback for emulating real-world behavior! This feedback closes the loop and allows for an adaptive gait unlike any other bot made.  Artificial Intelligence is used to determine how to maneuver based on the 3D environment data collected by the legs. This makes it possible to climb, avoid obstacles and cliffs and prevent itself from tipping or falling over.

Incredibly complex components are designed using 3D CAD maximizing functionality incorporated into the finished parts. The CAD files are then used to machine the parts out of rigid plastic using precision CNC equipment. Pockets and islands are integrated into the parts and used to accurately hold sensors, create joints for movements, set mechanical limits and channels are used to embed rotating parts and for toe sensor wires. The load bearing joints on the upper legs are mounted to the outside for maximum articulation of the leg and hip.

At the PDXBOT.05 show

You can animate this right out of the box!

With the addition of the servo controller / software and extension wires (about $114) shown in the videos below!! A PC and a power supply are also required.


At the show: video1, video2, video3


Gaits are very interesting and the ArachnoBot has the most advanced robot gait in and beyond its price range. The field is wide open and the possibilities are endless. And we will support your every step to success. 






Drawing By Zack

Thanks Zack, nice work!